Revival Outside the Walls (ROTW) was created to help to equip and mobilize “the people in the pews” to share their faith and be the spark of revival in America. We have created a wide range of resources to equip people to share their faith. With the exception of which is a donor-supported ministry, all of our resources are provided with free and open access without advertising or requests for donations so that other ministries can recommend them to their constituents and donors knowing that the focus was on ministry.



In addition to serving as the gateway to our other resources, includes the following:

  • Certified Statistics. Provides findings verified by three or more research studies to inspire Christians to share their faith by understanding the problems leading to the decline in the church today and providing hope that revival is possible.
  • Ignite with Barry Meguiar. The full library of the daily :60 radio features that air on 800 Christian radio stations around the country.


IgniteAmerica is a great source of practical faith-sharing advice developed by lay people for laypeople and includes:

  • Why Share? Articles and videos to help Christians understand their calling and the joy that comes from sharing their faith and moving people closer to Jesus.
  • Get Started. Practical, proven resources to help Christians tell others about Jesus.
  • Faith Sharing Stories. Video stories of people from all walks of life, sharing their stories about the fun they are having as God uses them to move everyone, every day, closer to Jesus.
  • Hot Topic. Available through email and on the website, Hot Topics is a powerful and practical resource for knowing how to inject God into conversations about current hot topics in the news.


Seeking God

​​ was created as a resource to help people seeking God. It is also a great resource for Christians to share with their friends who want to learn about God. includes the following content:

  • Answers to Most Frequently Asked Questions. Provides answers to the most serious and heartfelt questions to help seekers move closer to God and a personal decision to believe in and follow Jesus.
  • Real People/Real Stories. Inspiring, real-life personal stories of the journeys that led people to faith in Jesus.
  • Teaching Experiences. Created for those who enjoy audio and video teachings with practical, relevant, and compelling insight into the faith-inspiring words of Christ. Includes messages from Billy Graham’s final message to America, Duck Dynasty star, Phil Robertson and Lee Stroble, atheist turned evangelist who wrote The Case for Christ.
  • Accepting God’s Gift. Whenever a visitor is ready to make a personal decision to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior, they simply click on “Pathway to Eternity” which has all the information needed for making life’s ‘Ultimate Decision’.

​Please check out these resources and share them with friends and family to become part of the moment working to spark revival in America.