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Last modified: January 2014

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This ministry has been created to encourage and enhance revival outside the walls in every way possible. A wide range of resources are being created including:


1) ROTW Certified Statistics

A wide range of highly credible statistics on most subjects related to faith sharing, based on multiple studies done on each subject presented.

2) Video Inspirations


We’re a body of believers having more fun than we deserve honoring God with our lives and our influence

Featured Speakers

Hearing the call for faith sharing through the life and words of a well-known, church grown layman can be a powerful tool.

Barry Meguiar is the host of Car Crazy Television and the third generation leader of his family business, whose products are market leaders in over 200 countries.  While hugely successful in business, his highest priority and greatest accomplishments have come through the sharing of his faith and the miracles that have followed . . . outside the walls of his church.


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