More and more, pastors across America and around the world are reminding their congregations that all of us are in full time ministry. In fact, Ephesians 4:11 tells us that the role of the pastor is to equip (us) the saints for ministry. The sermons presented in this section are among the best that we’ve heard on the subject and mandate of faith sharing.

While these sermons are presented with permission, they do not by themselves carry an intent of endorsement for the ministry of Revival…Outside the Walls.

As one born, raised and having lived in the church for a lifetime, I’ve been blessed with having heard more than 7,000 sermons. Almost without exception for the last 40 years, I’ve enjoyed two or more church services on television before going to church on Sunday morning.

Regardless of whether I’m listening to the sermon from the pew or while shaving, I always have a notepad ready to capture phrases or concepts that have become part of who I am. So many have mentored me without knowing it.

While I can’t take the time to give credit for where I first heard every phrase or thought I present, I do want to acknowledge those who have contributed greatly to who I am in Christ today. They include: Rev. Tom Trask, Rev. Loren Triplett, Rev. Doug Petersen, Dr. Geroge Wood, Rev. Charles Stanley, Rev. Adrian Rogers, Dr. James Dobson, Dr. Ken Armstrong, Rev. Greg Laurie, Rev. Chuck Smith, Rev. John Maxwell, Rev. David Wilkerson, Rev. Gary Wilkerson, Rev. Carter Carlson, Dr. James Kennedy,