Growing Church Trend Using ‘The Car Guy’ at Car Shows for Community Outreach

More and more churches are discovering that hosting Car Shows on their premises is a huge draw for the un-churched. The Car Hobby, which cuts across all demographics, is one of the fastest growing phenomena in American Culture today. Everyone enjoys seeing beautifully restored old cars and Car Guys jump at the opportunity to show their cars.

Every church has a quantity of Car Guys who will eagerly use their love for cars to reach their communities. A perfect match and added attraction for Car Guys is including Barry Meguiar as the featured guest. For Car Guys, having one of their own talking to them about God, from the Car Show stage or the Sunday morning pulpit, changes the dynamic.

Most recently, Barry spoke at Greg Laurie’s Harvest Church Car Show in Irvine, Ca. (click here to view video), and for the Car Show and Sunday morning services at Bonita Valley Community, in San Diego. Next up, Barry will be the guest speaker at the Car Show on Saturday and then the morning services on Sunday at Pacific Christian Center in Santa Maria, Ca., on October 3rd and 4th.

Car Show Poster

Barry Meguiar speaking to crowd

Car Show Poster