Our long-term drift away from God is accelerating. It is evident all around us in the media, the breakdown of the family, and the deepening divide in the country. According to Gallup Research, less than 50% of Americans are church members. While the percentage of people attending church is in decline, research shows that unchurched people are interested in learning about God. They want to hear!

While people are interested in learning about God, they are not going to church on Sunday to learn about Him. Therefore, the only way that non-believers are going to have the opportunity to hear the Gospel is if a Christian friend or family member shares the Gospel with them. That leads us to the next challenge - the percentage of Christians who actively share their faith has also been declining. Today, less than 1% of Christians share their faith.

With his personal passion for sharing his faith and a heart to see revival come to America, Barry Meguiar, third-generation President of Meguiar’s Car Wax and the Host of Car Crazy TV for 18 years, founded Revival Outside the Walls (ROTW) ministries to equip and mobilize “the people in the pews” to share their faith and be the spark of revival in America.

In 2010, Barry and the ROTW team launched the ministry with a nationally syndicated :60 daily radio feature called Ignite with Barry Meguiar to inspire Christians to share their faith by providing practical insights about faith sharing. Christian radio stations were excited to air Ignite with Barry Meguiar and today 800 stations air the daily feature.

ROTW has continued to develop websites and media programs including IgniteAmerica.com, SeekingGod.org, and Ignite Your Life Television to help equip believers to share their faith and spark revival in America. All of these resources are provided with free and open access without advertising or requests for donations so that other ministries can recommend them to their constituents and donors knowing that the focus is on ministry. Learn more about these and other ROTW programs on our Resources page.

ROTW is a donor-supported ministry. All of the work described above is made possible through the generous gifts of donors who have a passion to help spark revival in America. Your gift today will help spark revival in America.