Actions Speak BEFORE Our Words

One of the most often heard phrases has been “Our Actions Speak Louder Than Our Words”.  The original intention may have been to keep kids in line.  Unfortunately, by the time I became a teenager it was one of the standard mantras of the church and most often used excuse for not openly sharing ones [...]

God’s Purpose for Your Life

Finding “purpose” is mans greatest desire. Without purpose, life is aimless and meaningless.  Even for most Christians, the fulfillment of purpose in ones life often remains an illusive goal. In my view, Romans 8:28 is the second most important scripture in the Bible…following John 3:16.  In this passage God promises that, from now until we [...]

Romans 8:28

Romans 8:28 may be the second most important scripture in the Bible following John 3:16. It could also be called the scripture most miss-understood, miss-quoted and incorrectly paraphrased. It’s in this verse that God promises to make everything in our lives, from now until we get to heaven, work together for good.  Taken out of [...]

“Some Send and Some Go”

Another paralyzing message to the church has been “Some Send and Some Go”.  I can’t begin to tell you how many times I’ve heard this phrase repeated. The message usually comes from missionaries or pastors promoting a sense of partnership with missionaries with our dollars fulfilling our part of the partnership.  By itself, it’s a [...]

Why Does God Mandate That We Share Our Faith?

Of all the things that God has called us to do, none is stated more emphatically than the sharing of our faith.  In fact, it is His uppermost Purpose for our lives. In Matthew 28:19, Jesus gives us The Great Commission to go ye into all nations.  More specifically in Acts 1:8, He tells us [...]