Revival Outside the Walls in the News

News of Revival Outside the Walls was recently featured on some of today’s Christian outlets.  Check out some of our latest mentions!

K-Love, a non-denominational listener-supported radio network with over 400 radio signals in 44 states, highlights how ROTW encourages Christians to share their faith outside the walls of their church.  K-Love’s Susan Miller shares the story in this audio clip episode, which features sound bites from ROTW Founder Barry Meguiar.

ROTW was additionally featured in Crossmap, a partner site to the Christian Post which serves the global Christian community. Crossmap highlighted how Barry Meguiar is bringing revival to the web with ROTW.  With quotes from Meguiar and details on the website and its contents, Crossmap sheds light on the vision and purpose behind ROTW.

Listen to the clip from K-Love here.

Check out the full coverage from Crossmap here.