Romans 8:28

Romans 8:28 may be the second most important scripture in the Bible following John 3:16. It could also be called the scripture most miss-understood, miss-quoted and incorrectly paraphrased.

It’s in this verse that God promises to make everything in our lives, from now until we get to heaven, work together for good.  Taken out of context, this scripture leads us to paraphrases like “things always work out” and “what comes around goes around”, suggesting that there’s some kind of natural balance in life between good and evil.  Subtly, this fatalistic mindset has infiltrated the church and all but wiped out the impact of Romans 8:28.

In this passage, the Creator of the Universe is telling you that He’ll make everything in your life work together for your good IF you simply do two things. Wouldn’t it be wise to know and follow these two pre-requisites, no matter what they are, to receive God’s blessing on everything you do for the rest of your life?

And here they are…for those who (1) love God and (2) are called according to His purpose. The first pre-requisite is easy to understand, but how about the second. What is God’s Purpose for Your Life?  If you mention a specific task or ministry that you support, you’re way off track and missing the blessing.

God’s Highest Priority for you and me (mankind) is our redemption and spending eternity with Him in Heaven…that not one will be lost. Simply said, when His Priority becomes Your Priority 24/7, you’ll experience what it means to have ‘Purpose’ in Your Life and the Blessings of Romans 8:28.

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