God’s Purpose for Your Life

Finding “purpose” is mans greatest desire. Without purpose, life is aimless and meaningless.  Even for most Christians, the fulfillment of purpose in ones life often remains an illusive goal.

In my view, Romans 8:28 is the second most important scripture in the Bible…following John 3:16.  In this passage God promises that, from now until we get to Heaven, He’ll make everything in our lives work together for our good if we do two things: 1) Love God and 2) live our lives according to His Purpose.

When we accept this passage of scripture for what it says, everything becomes less important than discovering and living God’s Purpose.  Clearly there’s One Purpose above all others to which every Christian must be wholly committed. And only by performing that one purpose, above all others, can we receive God’s incredible promise to make everything in our lives work together for our good.

So what’s God’s Purpose for our lives? This takes us to the larger question. Why did God make man? For that question, the scriptures are replete with their response.  Amazingly, He created us for His pleasure to spend all of eternity with Him as His friends.  II Peter 3:9 takes God’s Purpose even further by adding…that none should be lost.

Here’s The Bottom Line: God stands ready to make everything in your life work together for good. All you have to do is to live your life according to His Purpose…making your highest priority the salvation of everyone who comes under your influence.

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