Actions Speak BEFORE Our Words

One of the most often heard phrases has been “Our Actions Speak Louder Than Our Words”.  The original intention may have been to keep kids in line.  Unfortunately, by the time I became a teenager it was one of the standard mantras of the church and most often used excuse for not openly sharing ones faith.

The bigger problem is that multitudes of wonderful but unsaved people are doing extraordinary things without any thought of redemption.   At best, our actions speak no louder than theirs and only elevate the person. The truth is, your actions speak before your words. It’s your actions that give you the influence to share the Word of God with credibility.

The ‘bonus’ for you and me is that righteous living becomes far easier, once we grasp this concept.   In Matt 5:14, we’re told that a city set on a hill cannot be hid.  As Christians, our words and actions are constantly being evaluated. That means that all of us are witnesses! Unfortunately, some of us are witnesses for the prosecution.

Intentionally allowing Christ to love others thru us is an automatic game changer in how we live and how we attract the lost.  Matt 5:16 implores us to Let our light so shine before men that they may see our good works and glorify God in Heaven.  By so living our lives,  the opportunity to lead people to Jesus Christ with our words becomes second nature and a water shed for continuous joy.

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