First ROTW Fundraiser Exceeds Expectations

Being a public 501c3 Non-Profit, ROTW is required by law to have a percentage of its’ income coming from public sources once it is fully established.  Having now arrived at that point and growing quickly, fund raising is no longer an option.  So our first Fundraiser was held amongst our Cars and 50’s Diner, and [...]

2015 Plan for ROTW Unanimously Approved at Annual Board Meeting

The Board of Directors for ROTW held its’ year-end board meeting to review the performance of Revival Outside the Walls vs the Plan for 2014. All objectives were achieved and within budget. More importantly, a 2015 Budget was approved, which will fundamentally transform ROTW into an indispensible part of Christians lives.

Barry speaking to Teen Challenge

On Oct 24, Barry was chosen to be the closing speaker at Spiritual Emphasis for Teen Challenge located at the Benedict Castle in Riverside.  It was an honor for Barry to speak to the members of Teen Challenge and share his love for the Lord. Teen Challenge has a holistic approach to helping people become [...]

Canyon Lake Community Church

On November 15, Barry had the pleasure of speaking to the men at Canyon Lake Community Church during the Men’s Breakfast ‘Eat Like a Man’ event.  The breakfast is held for Canyon Lake Community church members and their friends to discuss fellowship and encouragement from the Word of God.   Barry spoke of his passion for [...]

Latin America Leadership Visits ROTW

ROTW Founder Barry Meguiar was pleased to host guests from Latin America Leadership. It was so exciting to hear the amazing things that God is doing in Latin America. There was a sit-down interview and great time of fellowship at the ROTW Headquarters in Irvine, Ca.

Barry Meguiar sharing his story on FIRST PERSON with Wayne Shepherd

Barry sat down with Wayne Shepherd from First Person to share his passion for the Lord and share how the ROTW ministry was born. You’ll hear how the Lord spoke powerfully and personally to him and he’ll explain his mission to use his business as his pulpit. FIRST PERSON, is a weekly, 24 minute radio [...]

Revival Outside the Walls in the News

News of Revival Outside the Walls was recently featured on some of today’s Christian outlets.  Check out some of our latest mentions! K-Love, a non-denominational listener-supported radio network with over 400 radio signals in 44 states, highlights how ROTW encourages Christians to share their faith outside the walls of their church.  K-Love’s Susan Miller shares [...]

Barry Meguiar to speak at Harvest Ministries with Greg Laurie on June 10, 2014

Harvest Church Irvine welcomes Barry Meguiar as their speaker at its’ 2nd Annual Car Show & BBQ being held on Tuesday, June 10th at 6:00pm. This will also be the first opportunity for the public to see the exciting new facilities that Harvest Irvine will be moving into later this year. The address is 17600 [...]